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SDSC systems, staff, and users are subject to UC and UCSD policies in addition to SDSC's Security Policies.

In the event of conflicts in policy, UC policy shall take precedence over UCSD policy, and UCSD policy shall take precedence over SDSC policy.

SDSC shall defer to UCSD policies regarding sanctions for lack of compliance with the security policies below.

UC Policies

UC Electronic Communications Policy

UCSD Policies and Security Links

* Current UCSD Minimum Security Requirements. Updated 6/2007
* The ACT Security Wiki is the primary source for information on UCSD Security Policies

SDSC Security Policies

Web Crawlers

Hosts on "minimum security" networks

Incident Response - For Users

Incident Response - For Sysadmins

Release of Log Data

Logging and Data Retention (Upon request)

Privileged access

General Staff Security awareness

Physical Security

Minimum Security Requirements

Disclosure Policy

Previous (draft) Policies

Acceptable Use Policies (draft)

HPC User Responsibilities

Emergency Monitoring of Communications

Password policy

NFS client policy

Patching policy - DRAFT

Portal Policy and Portal Minimum Security Standards - DRAFT