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Alcatel ADSL Modem Patch Tools and Information

Use of these tools to modify the software in your device may result in the device being damaged, unusable and/or causing disruption of your service. Use of modified software will impact the ability of your service provider to maintain your service and perhaps cause your service provider to refuse future service or support.

Specifically, disabling the AAL5-based services, such as the DSL-side TFTP or SNMP servers WILL result in your service provider's inability to remotely update your device's software via TFTP, and MAY affect the ability of their network management system to manage your ADSL connection and monitor its status, resulting in loss or degradation of your service.

Changing the software in your Speed Touch Home ADSL may void your warranty or be in violation of your contractual agreement with your service provider.

Patch Information
Click here for notes patch software and what the patches do.
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