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SDSC Security Statement

The primary goal of computer and network security activities at the San Diego Supercomputer Center is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computing resources.

As an Organized Research Unit at UCSD, SDSC Security Policies are consistent with UC and UCSD policies. SDSC Security Policies will be approved by SDSC executive management.

Security issues involving policies which have not been documented or approved will be arbitrated by the SDSC Security Manager.

The SDSC Security Manager and authorized designees have the authority to take actions necessary to prevent, detect, and respond to security policy violations involving SDSC computing resources. These actions will be consistent with SDSC, UCSD, and UC policies, and applicable laws.

SDSC Security Group

The Security Group monitors and investigates security incidents related to SDSC, provides guidance for security policies and makes recommendations for protection of SDSC computing resources.

The group consists of:

  • Winston Armstrong, Chief Information Security Officer, warmstrong-at-sdsc-dot-edu
  • Scott Sakai, Security Analyst, ssakai-at-sdsc-dot-edu Scott's PGP key (76745b02)
  • Ed Kipp, Security Analyst, ekipp-at-sdsc-dot-edu

Additionally, other operational staff participate as needed.

Incident Notification

If you think you have a security incident that you involves SDSC, please send email to security-at-sdsc-dot-edu. Please provide contact information for yourself, and whatever supporting information that you can that indicates that SDSC system(s) are involved.

If you have a emergency that requires immediate contact (e.g. an SDSC host is actively attacking one of your systems), send email as above and call SDSC operations at +1-858-534-5090. Be prepared to provide contact information as we will be calling you back. And please be sure that your situtation is an emergency, we don't like false alarms any more than anyone else.


  • The Program for the security group (requires authenticated access)
  • Security Activities are driven by SDSC and UC Policies
  • Security Guidelines and documentation for systems and users
  • Procedures for various security-related activities
  • Notices and information on current and previous Incidents